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Cummins plate heat exchanger cooler
Cummins Warmtewisselaar

Gaskets and service for Cummins plate heat exchangers

Alex Supply knows like no other way in the area of plate heat exchangers.

Also in the field of Cummins engines we supply gaskets and plates.


If you wish to plan overhauling the cooler, please contact us for availability of gaskets for your model

Most of the gaskets we have conditioned on stock


Our prices are much better than the OEM  manufacturers so there is no need try to refit the old oil-contaminated gaskets back on the plates and take all risk of leakage s


Now you can Save Time, Money and Annoyance.

You can send your heat exchanger or plate pack

to our workshop

We make sure that it is professionally

overhauled and returned to your premises

Cummins Engine Models


KTA 19

KTA 38

KTA 50

QSK 19

QSK 38

QSK 50 EN 60










4078967 gasket seal  4078971 seal on stock

Plates for KTA 38 and KTA 50

4078961 plate cooler , 4078962 plate cooler , 4078963 plate cooler

, 3969454 plate cooler ,3969455 cooler plate ,4078966 plate

,4078967 cooler plate , 4078971 cooler plate